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Why use
The world is already connected.
Our job, like any PaaS company, is to take from our client the costs and complexity of building and maintaining the typical infrastructure associated with the development and launch of communication applications.
Envio de Notificações
Mantenha os clientes informados, envie notificações e/ ou alertas de forma segura.*
Atendimento humano
Permita que equipes de atendimento, vendas e suporte respondam perguntas sobre produtos ou serviços de clientes.
Conversas automatizadas via Chatbot
Construa fluxos conversacionais no WhatsApp. Utilize Chatbots para aumentar velocidade de resposta e fazer uso de inteligência artificial.
Two-factor 2FA authentication
Securely protect customer accounts with fast and reliable delivery of messages for authentication.
Your WhatsApp Business on multiple computers
Positus Messenger
A simple, objective and low-cost platform.
Positus Messenger was developed for small businesses, to solve a single problem: using your WhatsApp on multiple machines.
Positus Messenger
Break the boundaries of communication: Now connect with your customers globally on their favorite messaging app on any operating system, device and mobile carrier.
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Frequently Asked Questions
The WhatsApp Business API is a fast, secure and reliable way for companies to reach their customers worldwide.
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How does WhatsApp Enterprise work?

WhatsApp Enterprise enables direct communication with your customers, automating messaging and notifications, and integrates chatbots, customizing service to your business. Generating more opportunities by optimizing activity performance, the efficiency of your e-commerce and support staff.

How to get a verified WhatsApp account?

To access the official API you must have an official provider, the company responsible for sending data to WhatsApp for verification and verification of business accounts - if your company does not already have it, the business account will be created and the number activated. be certified in two ways: verified official business account or verified business account.

How to use the WhatsApp API

Positus hosts and manages WhatsApp containers in a highly available and geographically redundant infrastructure, providing an easy REST API to integrate with your applications.

WhatsApp Enterprise
Why have my company on WhatsApp?
Every company aims for the best relationship with its customer, which in turn wants efficiency in service. The modern consumer is demanding and wants convenience immediately.
of users in almost a decade
of users per month only in Brazil
of users come in everyday
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Our commitment is not only with the client's business, but with the results to be achieved.
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Free Setup

1k conversations

20 Service Licenses

Extra License: 15.00 USD

Notification/Conversation24h: Facebook + Tax + 0.01 USD
User-initiated, such as customer service inquiries and general support.
Company-initiated, such as post-purchase notifications.
All conversations are measured in 24-hour increments, also known as "sessions", which start when the company delivers the first message. The first message can be sent by the company (company-initiated) or be a response within 24 hours to a user (user-initiated). The user is a person or entity with whom the company exchanges messages.
Conversation charges are based on the user's phone number. Business-initiated and user-initiated conversation rates vary by market (country or region).
The first 1,000 conversations each month will be free so your business can start creating amazing customer experiences even before you pay. Each WABA gets 1,000 free conversations that can be initiated by the company or the user.
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